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I also play Netball and Basketball for my school, am joining our Samoan Group this year, have been elected as my class Mission Leader and part of our Young Vinnie’s (St Vincent de Paul) at school.


My mum is letting me go to Hawaii (I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii), the cost is $4200 – it will be a struggle but we have a fundraising plan with our group and my mum has my own fundraising plan as well.

We’ve been told that Basketball is a rich man’s sport (because being a minority sport, Reps Basketball is very expensive) – I am proof that it really isn’t – it’s just with my mum, my supportive family and great friends that I have been blessed to play the sport I love.

I started Basketball at 6years old when it was first introduced at my school. I knew nothing about Basketball (neither did my mum).My mum’s friend Eric Harmon (American) is passionate about the sport and encouraged me to play. So I did and I haven’t looked back! Thanks Eric!

Challenges – I’m short, as in really short. And that’s okay. I’m used to being the shortest in my team, whether it is Netball, Basketball, Tag, or Touch. It just means I work that little bit harder and I am a force to be reckoned with – just ask the parents who laugh and can’t believe how the shortest girl on the Basketball Court is able to get rebounds against the taller players, will fight and hold onto the ball when it goes to ground, and one of my friends younger brothers call me Stephen Curry because of all the 3 pointers I landed in our Regionals last year (in one game I landed six 3 pointers!).


At Summerland Primary, I was the only girl in my school who played Basketball in Season 1, when I was Year 6. I was told girls in Year 5 and 6 never play Basketball. I didn’t have a choice, my mum made me play for school instead of club. I was lucky because my mum was our coach (because no other parent wanted to do it so my mum put her hand up even though she knew nothing about Coaching Basketball). The boys learned to play with a girl on the team, saw that I was just as good as them and we went from strength to strength winning our grade. What was even cooler than this, was in Season 2, more girls in Year 5 & 6 signed up to play Basketball!

My 2016 personal goals are: believe in myself, give new things a go, read more, be more confident and be the best me I can be.

My school goals are: not to be afraid to ask questions when I get stuck, be a great Mission Leader (Voted by my class to be our rep), join the Samoan Group, active member of Young Vinnie’s Group (St Vincent de Paul) and try to achieve Merit with Excellents in all my subjects.

I need help raising funds cos it’s just me and mum. She already pays so much money for all my stuff, so this is me trying to help her out and hope I will be lucky enough to receive funding.

$1000 for U15 Girls Nationals Basketball Tournament in Wellington (July 20-23, 2016). This will cover my travel, accommodation, food and entry fee.

$300 for Big Island Flight in Hawaii (Aug 1-8, 2016)

$918 for the World Youth Basketball Tournament in Kona, Big Island, Hawaii (Aug 3-7, 2016)





My Basketball goals were: to shoot more (I’ve been told I am a legit shooter), be stronger on attack, and to make our Nationals Teams.

My fundraising goals: I am raising funds for my Reps Basketball and my trip to Hawaii. It is expensive. My mum was told that Basketball is a Rich Man’s game (because being a minor sport, Reps Basketball is very expensive) and she said that we are definitely not rich we are very much at the end of the other scale! I have a Bingo Fundraiser in two weeks time, I also take part in any team fundraisers we have.


2014 Pacific Rim Tournament – 2nd place (Wwabi U12 Reps)
2015 Season 1 Year 7 & 8 – Basketball League Champs (Team Kaizen)
2015 Season 2 Year 7 & 8 – Basketball League – 2nd place (Team Kaizen)
2015 Season 1 Year 7 & 8 – School Basketball League Champs (St Mary’s College)
2015 Season 2 Year 7 & 8 – School Basketball League Champs (St Mary’s College)
2015 AIMS NZ – Year 7 & 8 Champs – (St Mary’s College)
2015 Pacific Rim Tournament – 2nd place (Wwabi U13 Reps)
2015 SuperCity – Champs (Wwabi U13 Reps)
2015 Regionals – Champs (Wwabi U13 Reps)
2015 Auckland Zones Basketball Year 7/8 Champs – St Mary’s College
Auckland Regional Zones Basketball Year 7/8 Overall Champs of Champs – St Mary’s College