Our SportMeToo programme aims to identify kids that are not engaged in playing sport either because of the cost of participation or who have disengaged due to either – the quality of their earlier sporting experiences or a lack of enjoyment of traditional sports offered and provide an opportunity for them to engage and connect in structured and unstructured sport.

This is a unique programme that enables and improves the accessibility to sport by levelling the playing field for youth with financial barriers.

We know that sport can teach essential life skills such as, resilience, goal setting, self-responsibility, teamwork, self-belief and leadership.  Kids participating in sport are happier, healthier and generally out perform their non-participant peers in academic achievement.

For some families, often the cost of team subs and kit is simply out of reach and these kids often miss out.  The iSPORT Foundation engage with school principals, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Youth Development who assist in identifying students who need financial assistance and support to join clubs and community sport programmes.  Subscriptions, coaching and in some circumstances travel costs will be supported.

We link schools, clubs and the community to form meaningful relationships with aligned and sustainable partnerships.

The iSPORT Foundation believe that every child should have access to sport.  Sport provides a sense of belonging and an opportunity to build the foundations of movement, equipping them with the confidence and competence needed for a lifetime of activity and good physical and emotional health.