Inspire Change, Influence Play: Transforming Kiwi Kids’ Lives


Our team actively engages with groups in need, providing inspiration, opportunity, and education to enhance overall well-being. Our mission extends to fostering a deeper understanding among young people regarding the comprehensive benefits of sport and physical activity, enhancing health and well-being.

Our mission is to encourage more children to participate in a variety of activities and sport, firmly believing that every child deserves the opportunity to explore and play. However, numerous clubs, community groups, and schools face limitations in sports equipment and financial resources, hindering efforts to engage all children in active pursuits. Our objective is to eliminate scenarios where children are unable to participate during break times due to exhausted or inaccessible equipment supplies.

For some Kiwi kids, school breaks represent the sole chance for daily physical activity. We believe impactful change occurs when children are inspired and comprehend the significance of play. Physical activity acts as a catalyst, breaking down social barriers, and our ambassadors play a pivotal role in inspiring children to actively participate in group play.

Engaging in physical activity significantly enhances a child’s well-being, amplifying their inherent capacity for self-motivated learning. This active lifestyle fosters critical and creative thinking, sparks curiosity, builds resilience, and facilitates more effective learning.