Empowering NZ Youth Through Sport

…it’s time to pass on the dream!

The iSPORT Foundation believe all young people have a right to be physically active, have access to positive role models and be the best they can be regardless of their circumstances.



We believe sport and character development have the ability to positively transform the lives of people and communities, providing a connection and sense of belonging toward a greater good.  

Our Kids With Character programme represents the energy of our founders and ambassadors to teach key character behaviours to kids using sport as the vehicle. Our goal is to teach young people essential skills of self-awareness, self-respect, self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-belief, self-confidence, self-control and self-forgiveness.  

The skills taught are essential for our young people to feel connected and inspired to positively contribute to the future of New Zealand.


We want more kids participating in activity and sport and believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore and play.  Many clubs, community groups and schools have a very limited amount of sports equipment and financial resource to maintain enough sports equipment to go around.  It is our goal to ensure that no child is sitting down during break times because the supply of equipment was exhausted.  We grant equipment to identified groups that need support.

Physical activity dramatically increases a child’s sense of well-being enhancing their natural capacity for self-motivated learning.  It helps to build critical and creative thinkers, inspires curiosity, builds resilience and encourages more effective learning and most importantly – It Breaks Down Social Barriers!

For some kiwi kids, their school break times are the only opportunity that they are exposed to, to be physically active each day.  When children are inspired and understand the importance of play, we are able to achieve change.  Physical activity is often the catalyst to breaking down social boundaries, our ambassadors inspire kids to be involved in group play.


Our SportMeToo programme aims to identify kids that are not engaged in playing sport because of the cost of participation. 

We aim to improve the accessibility to sport by levelling the playing field for youth with financial barriers.





The iSPORT Foundation provides a platform that enables New Zealand youth aged 14-18 to raise the necessary funds to achieve their goals in the sport they love, no matter their circumstances. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to fulfil their sporting dreams.  Our crowdfunding platform is a successful medium that empowers kids to connect and engage with their local community and wider network to attract donations to their campaign.