Inspiring Youth Through Sport

…it’s time to pass on the dream!

The iSPORT Foundation believe all young people have a right to be physically active, have access to positive role models and be the best they can be regardless of their circumstances.











Some kiwi kids have never experienced being part of a sports team. Sport helps to develop who we are as people, it supports the development of character and provides a sense of belonging. Our SPORTME TOO initiative supports young people that are not engaged in playing sport because of the cost of participation. 




Our Active Kids initiative is dedicated to transforming lives through education on the vital role of physical activity and sport in enhancing health and well-being.  We believe in empowering young minds by breaking down social boundaries, improving mental health, and enhancing their learning ability. By instilling the significance of an active lifestyle, we aim to cultivate a positive impact that extends far beyond the immediate benefits, fostering a community where the well-being of our young people takes centre stage.  Join us on this journey as we inspire and educate the next generation, nurturing a culture of holistic health and resilience.








We believe sport and character development have the ability to positively transform the lives of people and communities, providing a connection and sense of belonging toward a greater good.  

Our Lead With Character initiative represents the energy of our founders and teaches key character strengths to young people through leadership development. We have a unique opportunity to positively transform lives and believe everyone wants to be great, however, young people need to be intentionally taught and given the tools required to be an outstanding leader of character. Our goal is to teach young people essential skills of self-awareness, respect, self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-belief, self-confidence, self-control and self-forgiveness.