We believe sport and character development have the ability to positively transform the lives of people and communities, providing a connection and sense of belonging toward a greater good.

Our Kids With Character programme represents the energy of our founders and ambassadors to teach key character behaviours to kids using sport as the vehicle.  Our goal is to teach young people essential skills of self-awareness, self-respect, self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-belief, self-confidence, self-control and self-forgiveness.

The skills taught are essential for our young people to feel connected and inspired to positively contribute to the future of NZ.

Through iSPORT’S Kids With Character programme we have a unique opportunity to positively transform lives.

We believe everyone wants to be great, however, young people need to be intentionally taught and given the tools required to be an outstanding leader of character.  The impact of our programme is wider than sport and develops young people in moral character and self-determination.

Our goal is to provide opportunities such as the iSPORT Leadership Day and our Kids With Character programme to young students, connecting and inspiring them to positively contribute to the future of our nation.

The iSPORT leadership day and its’ ongoing character development programme connect NZ role models to inspire the next generation of kiwi leaders, demonstrating excellence and developing young people.  The iSPORT Foundation embrace cultural awareness and understand New Zealand is a bi-cultural nation with multiple ethnicities.

In 2016 the iSPORT Foundation in partnership with Aktive – Auckland Sport & Recreation were announced the Winner of the NZ Recreation Most Outstanding Event Award for our “Believe You Can” Leadership Day.