The iSPORT Foundation believe every child has a right to be physically active, have access to positive role models and be the best they can be regardless of their circumstances. By levelling the playing field, educating youth and providing support, the ISPORT Foundation will develop our next generation of employable Kiwis.


We provide grants for kids between the ages of 12-18 through our crowdfunding site to achieve their goals – no matter their circumstances.  We believe that every child should have the opportunity to xxx


We want more kids participating in sport and believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore and play.  Many schools and clubs have a very limited amount of sports equipment.  We work with sponsors and partners to gift balls to identified groups that need them the most.


We believe sport and character have the ability to positively transform the lives of people and communities, providing a connection and sense of belonging toward a greater good.

Our Kids With Character programme represents the energy of our founders and ambassadors to teach key character behaviours to kids using sport as the vehicle. Our goal is to teach young people essential skills of self-awareness, self-respect, self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-belief, self-confidence, self-control and self-forgiveness.

The skills taught are essential for our young people to feel connected and inspired to positively contribute to the future of NZ.


Our SportMeToo programme aims to identify kids that aren’t playing sport because of the cost of participation and provide an opportunity for them to engage and connect in structured and unstructured sport.

For some families, often the cost of team subs and kit is simply out of reach and these kids often miss out.

We link schools, clubs and the community to form meaningful relationships with aligned and sustainable partnerships.  This is a unique programme that enables and improves the accessibility to sport by levelling the playing field for youth with financial barriers

We know that sport can teach essential life skills such as, resilience, goal setting, self-responsibility, teamwork, self-belief and leadership.  Kids participating in sport are happier, healthier and out perform their non-participant peers in academic achievement.