The iSPORT FOUNDATION helps individuals aged 14-18 to be the best they can be in the sport they love, no matter their circumstances.

Crowdfunding – are you ready to play?

We know it can be tough out there. You are passionate about the sport you play, but often it isn’t about your ability to win, sometimes you simply can’t afford to show up. The iSPORT Foundation is here to help New Zealand youth aged between 14-18 to be the best they can be, in the sport they love – no matter their circumstances. We provide a crowdfunding platform that helps us help you to get over the line. Whether it is new boots, uniforms, entry fees, equipment, travel and coaching, if you believe in yourself and can share that belief with others in a compelling way – we can help you can achieve your dreams.

Crowdfunding is a way to fund your dreams by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, usually online. It is the modern version of the sausage sizzle, without the sausage but with all the sizzle. Crowdfunding isn’t easy and putting yourself out there isn’t a guarantee of success, just like your training, it will require patience, perseverance, and resilience. However, it is powerful and together we can work to make your dreams a reality. Below is a list of things you need to consider:

Here are some of our latest campaigns



    18 Funders

    Please consider “passing it forward” and helping Anthony and his family out to get him to Townsville to represent NZ

    For anyone that knows the Nobilo family they have worked incredibly hard through extremely challenging times and really do deserve some help




    8 Funders

    Please consider helping Atawhaia get to Sydney as part of the NZ Team to compete in the ISA Championships during September




    7 Funders

    Please consider helping Kim get to the Youth World Climbing Championships in Italy, thank you!



A great story

Be honest and share your story. Every potential donor will have a list of questions for you in their mind and you need to answer them with your truthful story. Who are you, why do you want this so much, what are your dreams and what will it take to achieve them? What will this mean to you and your family, what inspires you and why?  And that is just for starters …

You have a few seconds

Research shows that most donors will make up their mind in under 10 seconds whether they like your story and will fund you. While your story has to be spot on, it also needs to be brief and to the point.

Pictures are the key, we can’t emphasise this enough. A good quality picture of you or your team, looking right at the camera and in action is worth 1000 words. Did you know the human brain can process an image 60,000 times faster than text. Take your time to get some great photos, 4-5 would be great.

Video is even better, we will talk to you about making a short one.

The Power Launch

Experience shows the closer you are to reaching your financial goal the more likely donors are to give because, they feel they will make a difference. So you need to start strong. Burst out of the blocks like this is the race of your life and to do this requires preparation. Get your networks ready for your campaign, get some early pledges from them so when it goes live, they give you that immediate boost. A campaign that is trending is way more attractive than one that is wallowing.

So, before we launch a plan consider what you are going to say to your tribe through social media, pick up the phone, text if you have to but those first few days and last days are critical to your success.

Share the Love

Your donors are investing in you or your team and your dreams. For so many reasons it is vital to acknowledge and thank them for helping you. Making them feel special will encourage them to share your journey with their networks and help you build your campaign.

Research shows that thanking them fast works best and you can turn a $10 donation into $1000. So, be grateful, tell them what it means to you and see your dreams turn into reality.


Successful crowdfunding campaigns all have a few things in common, the most obvious is around developing your goals and deadlines that allow you to focus on what you want. Just like knowing when your next big game is and what you want to achieve. So get SMART.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

Rely on your tribe

It’s not just who you know, but who your friends and family know and who their friends and family know. New Zealand is still a small community in global standards and through the advent of social media, it is possible to connect with millions. However, it needs to start with your network. The majority of your funding will come from friends, family, work colleagues and personal connections. Write a list of people you want to share your campaign with.

The real stars are those people around you that will not only give money but will reach out to their networks. Contact these people and ask them to share your story. It is important to find these people and don’t be afraid to ask, most people are more than willing to help, it is kind of the kiwi way.

Tell your community. Reach beyond your friends and family and share your story with your local community. Through your club, newspaper, social networks, find more people to share your passion.

The Power of Being Social

Social media is why crowdfunding really works and you will need to use it like a pro to attract people to your campaign. Whether your thing is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or whatever, reach out and share your story. Use pictures, more stories, and keep in mind it isn’t all about you. What do we mean? People want to feel inspired, they will be way more likely to share your story if it feels good to do so. You can ask for money occasionally, but what you really need to do is make your network experts in your cause, touch their hearts with your honesty and reach into the community spirit our nation is famous for.

Oh, and one last thing. We said start strong, but you need to be on the field for the full 80 minutes. This is your campaign, don’t fade after half time, play the whole game to win.

So, if you are 14-18 years of age and ready to play? Start the application process below and we will help you through your journey.