Okaihau College is a Northland rural decile 2 school with over 400 students who love their sport. Touch is one of the school’s most popular sports and their uniforms have been used so much over the last few years that they are worn out and are no longer suitable as you can see in the photo. iSPORT (then the For Everyone Foundation) provided Okaihau College with a grant to purchase 45 awesome new touch uniforms to increase participation in sport and raise school pride at regional tournaments.


The road to international success for a talented teenage sportsperson is a long one. The hours of training, juggling school commitments and often the financial burden on families for travel, accommodation and entry fees into national and international events is huge. We carefully select individuals recommended by their national sporting body to support.

In many cases, we are able to match sponsors with talented individuals so that you can watch them grow and succeed. Investing in the future of our next generation of sports stars to be the best they can be – no matter their circumstances.

You see you never know what difference you can make to the future of a teenager when they have the right gear, don’t need to worry about how their parents are going to pay for the trip, or maybe just offering some advice.

Sponsorships can be anonymous or active. Imagine the pride you will feel as your recipient stands on the podium at the next Olympic games or runs onto the field at an international event.

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Over the many years of running the For Everyone Charitable Foundation and now the iSPORT Foundation we have talked with many teams, mostly from small New Zealand towns, that couldn’t afford uniforms to play in, let alone footwear and the right equipment.

“Many schools simply don’t have balls or sports equipment for their kids. One of the reasons they don’t continue in sports is that they simply don’t have enough equipment. Alex Smits – General Manager, Rugby League Northland”

Our hope is we can inspire a young teenager to be the next Richie, Dan or Ali or any one of our famous New Zealand Sporting heroes.

You can help by sponsoring one of our teams. Through our database of applicants, we can match a team with your sport or region.

Help us help our youth succeed today.

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