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Jabe Crawford $500.00
Angie Crawford $100.00
Sue Wilkinson $200.00
Mel Peto $20.00
shane and tania parsons $250.00
John Mahoney $100.00
Snikwah Group Ltd $200.00
Mike Berry $100.00
Paul Urquhart $50.00
Kahn Mionnet-Masutti $100.00
Shanti Jackson $20.00
Tony Golden $100.00
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UPDATE: With your support, ZOE was able to raise $1825 which allowed her to represent NZ at the Australian State Swimming Championships in Canberra

Thank you so much for your support



Hi, I am Zoe Crawford, I am a dedicated athlete and have been selected as part of the NZ Team to compete at the Australian State Championships in Canberra

I am focused and driven to succeed in anything I put my mind to. I am always willing to try new things and work outside my boundaries. Being selected by Swimming NZ to be part of the NZ Team to compete at the Australian State Championships in Canberra is an honor.  This is a massive achievement for me and will be my first time representing NZ. I will be putting my heart and soul into training and giving it my all during the build-up and of course during competition. 

From a very young age, I have always loved sport & found myself giving 100%. Making the NZ Swimming Team to compete at Australian State Championships is awesome but my mother can not fully fund this, so, I am looking for any help at all to get me there. She’s a solo mum & does so much for me but this is just financially out of her reach.

I have always wanted to push myself past boundaries and see what my body and mind is capable of, even if it drove my Mum mad. In 2018 I had just finished a massive, full on week at Swimming Nationals and done extremely well. The day after I had booked myself in for a 10km Ocean Swim race that my Mum was adamant I should not be doing. But anyone that knows me, knows I can only learn by doing it myself, even my mum couldn’t talk me out of it …. I didn’t make it, I got pulled out by a rescue boat about half way around. Mum was right, I shouldn’t have done it. But how do you know how much your body can do if you don’t try? It’s not failing, it’s just trying to figure out your body’s boundaries, & that was me at 13.

From the age of 5 – 13, I played and tried just about every sport that exists. I was lucky enough to have a mum that let me figure out what I really loved and what made my heart happy. At 14 my mum encouraged me to break it down and to figure out what sports really made me tick. I found my passion in Hockey, Swimming and Surf Lifesaving, and even when I look back to when I was 5 the passion has always been there for those 3 sports. I hope to keep excelling at a high level in all 3 and I hope they all continue to make me smile from the inside out like they do today.

I am a positive thinker and I fight hard. When I am down, if things haven’t gone right I seem to turn myself around and pick myself up very quickly. It’s important through those hard times to remember that dreams are always possible. They just require hard work, focus, determination and resilience. You must love what you do & always stay humble. If you love what you do then your passion will always manage to shine through.

The team departs New Zealand on the 29th September for Staging Camp before heading off to Canberra for competition. To participate at these championships will cost me $3400 so any funds raised will be a massive help towards these costs.

I am grateful for any support I may receive

Thank You!