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and traveled to Japan for the International Surfing Association World Junior Surfing Championships in Hyuga, Japan

Since returning, Tegan has won Silver in the NZ Secondary Schools Championships! WELL DONE Tegan
and thank you to all who supported!



Hi, I’m Tegen Bishop and I have been selected to represent NZ at the World Junior Surfing Championships in Hyuga, Japan.

Around 11, I started to compete in surfing and since that time, my passion for surfing and competing was born.

I’m not your average surfer, but since my first competition, my performance and ability have improved vastly. The first competition I entered I came last. Here I was a small kid with a huge board, riding whitewash on the shore. Over the last 3 years, I have won many South Island titles, the majority of them being above my age category. I’m constantly moving forward with my skills as I’m driven to continue improving. My advancement is like a staircase, as each season progresses, I take further steps towards the top.

This year I have been selected to be part of the New Zealand Junior Team which will be traveling to Hyuga, Japan, in September.  We will be competing at the International Surfing Association World Junior Championships. Only 4 females in New Zealand get selected for the team and this year I am the sole South Island girl to get a place.

In the next 12 months, my goal is to continue my successful streak in the South Island and to improve my results in the North Island. Going to Japan will improve my surfing skill and my mentality for future competitions. Competitive surfing is mainly a mind game. If you have a strong mindset and you also have the skills to back it up, you will go far. Strengthening my mindset will be a huge factor in achieving my goal and I believe that competing on a world stage will give me a better understanding of this.

Your help will benefit me greatly by supporting me with funding towards my trip to Japan. Going to the World Junior Surfing Champs will be an amazing experience and opportunity, but it is expensive. To get there I am going to have to fundraise exceedingly. On top of fundraising, I am balancing my training and studying for NCEA Level 1.  Having your help means that I can spend more time focusing on my progression physically and mentally in order to prepare for such an incredible opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Any support that you could give me would be greatly appreciated!