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Kathleen White $50.00
Manawatu Under 15 $20.00
Braemac Youth $20.00
Narelle Cribb $100.00
Gino Manuel $30.00
Terence Hiko $20.00
Kura Pirini $100.00
Vanessa Sidney-Richmond $50.00
Carl Ewart $20.00
Hannah Murphy $135.00
Janani Hay $30.00
Anonymous $50.00
Tommy & Jody Wanoa $50.00
Charlene Tohu $20.00
Suzanne Agnew $20.00
Marina Pirini $100.00
John Pahina $25.00
Suzie Watling $20.00
Jo Rata $100.00
Tania Bryenton $50.00
Stacey Pirini $100.00

UPDATE: With your support, Nia was able to raise $1,110 to compete in an international softball tournament

Thank you so much for your generosity



Hi, I’m Nia Pirini, I’m 13 years old and I play Softball! 

I have recently been selected to represent NZ International Softball Academy in the U15 Girls team. This tournament will be held in Sydney, Australia later this year and I need your help to get there. 

I have only been playing softball for 3 years but I absolutely love the sport.  I am still learning and am always developing my skills.  A short term goal of mine is to be able to play across a number of different positions. 

I have been representing Manawatu Softball Team for the past 3 years. I also represented the U13 representative team for three years, and then represented the U15’s rep team for two years. I made it into the tournament team for the U13’s in 2016 and was recently awarded the most promising player for the 2017/2018 season in the U15’s grade for Manawatu.

My goals are to further my softball career and to one day make the White Sox team!  I hope my journey inspires all kids to give every sport a go!  I want to tell everyone that they truly won’t know how good they could be until they try!

I am reaching out for your support.  I have a huge opportunity ahead of me that I am extremely excited about, however, I will not be able to get to Australia without your help.

Please consider supporting me and my sporting journey – it would mean the world to me.

Any donations, big or small are very much appreciated.

Nia Pirini