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Mitchell from New Plymouth has qualified for the Oceania and Australian Junior Squash Camps. He has been fully funded by iSport to attend both competitions in 2016.



Coaching Travel and Accommodation expenses for some selected events in Australia and also NZ.
More Access to Professional Coaching With Shaun Sanson
Oceania Junior Squash Champs 15/01/2016-18/01/2016- Queensland
Australian Junior Squash Open 25/03/2016 -28/03/2016 – Queensland

I would really like some assistance with funding to help with the more coaching at present my parents fund 2 sessions a week with my coach and need 4-5 sessions a week with him this currently costs $65.00 per session for my parents. A full years cost would be around $12000.00 a year. Travel/accommodation to attend some select tournaments in Australia and also those that were unable to drive to within NZ. Based off Events i have attended this year and costs to date around $6000.0

Mitchell Wilson action

At present my sport is fully funded via my Parents, Everything for my sport revolves around Equipment, Coaching Costs, Travel and Accommodation.

Generally I consume $3000.00- $4000.00 of Gear per year this covers Racquets x 8, Court Shoes x 4 ,Game Clothing, Balls, Grips, Re Strings etc .

Travel costs/ Accommodation Varies depending on how far we travel and to grow my game i need more exposure to players and tournaments within NZ, Australia and Malaysia as a junior.

Currently my parents have for this year to date put approx $8000.00 to this and by the end of the year this will be approximately $14000.00 + depending if i travel to Queensland for the Junior State open.

Coaching Costs are currently $5200.00 per year.

My family will struggles to raise the money needed for me to attend the higher end events and increase my required coaching.

I also have 1 other sibling in which he also is heavily involved in sport.

My Dad works 60+hrs a week to fund us and then runs us both all over the country for our chosen sports it effects some things we do as financially sometimes it restricts what and were I can attend events this also effect some things others in my family get to do as the financial impact is quite large.

My Family is behind me 100+% with support etc and also funding what they can with my sport I have a passion for this sport and know what i have to do to get where i want to go with this.

I train and play with dedication to succeed, have a good team of people around me with my parents-Family and a coach that i have seen help and lift my game to another level since starting with him @ the beginning of the year.
Your help will defiantly assist me in getting to were i know i can be and that’s at the top of my game.



To Play Internationally and to achieve a National Championship in Juniors , Make selection for NZ Juniors (upto 19yrs) -2018 and to achieve A Grade status by the mid 2016- Long term goal is to play in the PSA.


NZ Junior Championships, NZ Age Group Championships, Oceania Championships.
Placed 17th Oceania’s – 2015
Placed 4th NZ Juniors -2015
Placed 6th NZ Age Groups -2014
Taranaki Secondary Schools Open Champion and also Age Group Champion 2014 and 2015
10 th NZ Secondary Schools Teams Championships-2015
1st Div 1 KP Open-2015
1st Div 2 Squash Gym Open 2015
1st Div 1 Hawera Open 2015
4th Div 2 Hamilton Open 2015
Many more to list for 2015 and 2014


Kaweroa Park Squash Club.
Central District Squash High Performance Squash Squad.
High Performance Squad Taranaki.
NPBHS Squash Team – Captain.


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