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Andrea Godinovich $100.00
O Misur $50.00
Tijana Misur $50.00
Betsy Ferens $50.00
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UPDATE: With your support, Luka was able to raise $300 to compete in an international water polo tournament. 

Thank you for supporting Luka’s journey



Hi, it’s Luka, a 13 year old from Auckland! 

I eat, breathe & live water polo

Here is my story:

I have been selected this year by North Harbour Water Polo to compete in Hawaii for the U14 and U16 teams. Playing with international teams will improve my water polo skills and help me to achieve my future goals. I train seven days a week and am so committed to making my dreams become a reality. I’ve played since I was six and have truly stuck with it. I love everything about water polo, even getting up at 4:30 to train before school. When I’m in the pool I forget everything, the only thing I’m thinking about is putting the ball in the net, when I’m in the water I feel like I’m invincible. Water polo means everything to me. I’ve worked really hard and dedicated many hours to water polo to get to where I am today. My ultimate goal is to be part of the first New Zealand water polo team to compete in the Olympic Games in 2024. To reach my goal I need to improve my skills by playing against international teams.

Current 2018 teams:

  • U14 North Harbour (Auckland league & nationals in December)
  • U16 North Harbour (Auckland league & nationals in October)
  • Northcote College Junior (Auckland league & nationals in September)
  • Northcote College Senior (Auckland league & nationals in April)
  • North Harbour Elite Talent Programme 2018
  • North Harbour Hawaii 50th Anniversary Invitation (Honolulu International Tournament in July)

My goals:

  • 2018: place 1st in Hawaii (U14 & U16), nationals & the Auckland league
  • 2019: win nationals, Auckland league and qualify for the U15 national team
  • 2021: U18 New Zealand team, win nationals & Auckland league
  • 2023: Senior New Zealand team, win nationals & Auckland league
  • 2024: Olympic Games in Paris, France representing New Zealand
  • 2025 and beyond: The Sky is my limit!

I promise to give everything that I have to achieve all of my goals and not to disappoint anyone who believes in me.  I will work hard with all my team mates to put New Zealand on the world map in water polo.

Thank you in advance for any support you can offer – it is greatly appreciated

Luka Misur