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Ani Nock $20.00
Ieremia Ieremia-Jones $50.00
Masumi Lohrer $25.00
Michael Watson $30.00
Mike Daly $100.00
Timo Marr $20.00
Karleen Burt $40.00
Donna Barnett $100.00
Tatou Tatou GC $100.00
George Jahnke $30.00
Janeen Foote $25.00
shona hotham $50.00
David Cartwright $50.00
Richard Hireme $50.00
Barry Ririnui $20.00
Caleb Wardrop $10.00
Morgan Morrow $20.00
Leanne Karauna $20.00
Terina Te Tamaki $80.00
Bev & Bill Birbeck $20.00
Gayle Perry $10.00
Tenika Willison $25.00
Di Te Tamaki $20.00
Tiana Hotham $5.00
Laureth Chapman $5.00
UPDATE – Jazmin raised $1700.00 and was able to travel to the Trans Tasman Series and represent NZ Women’s Touch – an outstanding achievement for such a young woman!
Thank you to all who have supported Jazmin on her journey!



Hi, I am Jazmin and I started touch at the age of 7.  I can honestly say I never would have imagined I’d get the opportunity at the age of 16 to be part of the New Zealand Open Womens’ Touch Team.

I’m currently a year 12 student at Hamilton Girls High School. Recently I have been selected for the New Zealand Open Womens’ Touch team who will be travelling to the Sunshine Coast, Australia  on the 10th- 14th of May 2017.  We will be  participating in a 3 day Trans-Tasman Test Series against Australia. This will include one game against the Japan Open Womens Touch Team and three test matches against the Australian Open Womens’ Touch Team.

What I love about touch is how it’s such a technical and fast flowing game. But more importantly I love how it is has connected me to so many new people being a team sport and that it is a sport for all ages. I think it’s very special that I’m able to play alongside my parents and siblings in our family touch team on Friday nights.

Being one of the youngest selected players to be picked for the team, I believe this opportunity will help me to develop as a sportswoman as well as develop my skills as a touch and 7’s player. It is an absolute privilege to have the chance to play against the No 1. womens’ touch team in the world and alongside the very best women touch players in NZ.

Future goals:

My long term touch goal is to be a part of the New Zealand Open Womens’  Touch Team that participates in the 2019 Touch World Cup which will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Given the opportunity to take part in the 2017 Open Trans-Tasman Test Series is one step closer to achieving this goal.  As well as Touch I also aspire to make the New Zealand Black Fern 7’s Team.

As the captain of the Hamilton Girls High School Touch and Rugby 7’s team, I am constantly pushing  myself to try to be the very best captain I can be on and off the field.  This means always being 100% committed to training, setting a good example for my teammates and putting in the extra yards outside of training so that I’m game fit to lead my team on the field.

Why I need your help:

Presently I’m seeking assistance in raising $1,550. This will cover the tour costs of food, transport, uniform, physio and accommodation.  On top of that, I am required to buy my own flights to Australia which will cost around $500.
I am one of five children in a family who are all very passionate and successful in sport.  Over the past 15 years my Mum and Dad have worked full time and supported us with our various fundraising ventures to assist me and my siblings with our many sporting and academic pursuits.  Being a part of numerous sports teams in different codes of sport is exciting, although it comes with a huge financial cost.  Over the past 2 years the total expense for my sporting codes has been approximately $8-9,000. I think this is the perfect opportunity to try and help my parents out.  My parents are firm believers that if you want your dreams to come true you need to work hard.  I think this does not only include training hard but financially supporting my sport wherever I can.


My most recent sporting successes include:

Touch (2016/17)

  • Selected for the New Zealand Open Womens Touch Team
  • Captain of New Zealand Under 18 girls Touch Team
  • Winner of Junior Youth Touch Nationals
  • Winner of NZSS Touch Nationals – Tournament MVP
  • Selected for the NZSS Touch Nationals Tournament Team
  • Selected captain for the HGHS Premier Touch Team
  • Awarded HGHS MVP Senior Touch Player

Rugby 7s and XVs  (2016/17)

  • Selected captain for the HGHS Premier Rugby 7s Team
  • Runners up at the Secondary School Condor 7s Nationals
  • Named Woman’s MVP for the Condor 7’s
  • Selected for the Secondary School Condor 7’s National Tournament Team
  • Winner of World School 7’s Tournament
  • Winner of Japan, Sapporo Women’s 7’s Tournament
  • Placing 3rd Japan Sanix World Youth Rugby 7’s Tournament
  • Selected for the Waikato Under 18 girls Rugby Team
  • Awarded HGHS MVP Rugby 7’s Player
  • Awarded HGHS MVP Rugby XVs Back