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UPDATE – Thank you so much for supporting Benet! With your help, he was able to raise $2,105.

Your support is greatly appreciated!



Hi, I am Benet Kumeroa, I am 17 and I compete in

Olympic Weightlifting


I have been selected to compete in the Oceania Championships and Commonwealth Championships on the Gold Coast in September.

I started Olympic weightlifting when I was 13 years old in Year 8 to help with my Shot Put and Discus as the other boys were a lot bigger than me so my coach suggested weightlifting to help with strength and speed. I train at Functional Strength under the guidance of Richard Patterson. After about 6 months I was enjoying olympic lifting so much it took over my Athletics. I enjoy the challenge that comes with Olympic Weightlifting as it requires patience, persistence and a lot of dedication as an individual athlete. I also love the challenge of the mental side of lifting and the tactics involved in what to lift during a competition to push other competitors past their capabilities.

My Achievements:

As an Under 15 lifter I broke 33 NZ records and I currently hold all NZ records for Snatch, Clean and Jerk and Total for the 94kg and 94+kg weight class for Under 15s.
I am currently in the Youth Category (under 17 years) and I have so far broken 5 NZ records in the 94+kg weightclass.
I have had a couple of injuries that have meant I have had to have a break from training which has been frustrating as a few weeks off can affect my strength and technique.

My current PBs are
Snatch 133kgs
Clean and Jerk 157Kgs
Back Squat 200kgs

My goal:

For Commonwealth Champs and Oceania Champs is to win gold.
Long term I would like to represent NZ at the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games


I would be extremely grateful for any support that you may be able to give me and sincerely thank you for taking an interest in my journey and my dream!