We want more kids participating in sport and believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore and play.  Many schools and clubs have a very limited amount of sports equipment and financial resource to maintain enough sports equipment to go around.  We work with sponsors and partners to gift balls to identified groups that need them the most.

The iSPORT Foundation have teamed up with Silver Fern and Rebel Sport to give away thousands of balls to identified lower decile schools.

For some children, their school break times are the only opportunity that they are provided with to be physically active in a day.  When there is enough sports equipment to go around we are able to get everyone active during breaks.  Physical activity is often the catalyst to breaking down social boundaries and when there is enough equipment to go around we have the capacity to make an enormous change and remove these barriers.

Physical activity dramatically increases a child’s sense of well-being enhancing their natural capacity for self-motivated learning.  It helps to build critical and creative thinkers, inspires curiosity, builds resilience and encourages academic learning to take place.

New Zealand has a strong heritage of sporting success, we understand the importance of sport for our NZ youth and the challenges that our new technological age brings.  If we can get a ball in the hands of children while they are young, the effects can be life changing and spark a lifelong passion for sport and an active lifestyle.