January 31, 2016


Anthony’s goal is to continue to represent NZ as Wakeboarder, however the amount of training between now and then is huge and with this comes with a big cost. He aimed to train at least three times a week over summer with coaching every few weeks. Along with training costs are the costs of equipment. He often needs new gear, growing out of old stuff. Other costs include competition entry fees. 

Anthony East action

To progress further ideally Anthony needs to train in Australia with the NZ development squad which he has been selected in and ideally train in the US at least annually.

Anthony was fully funded to pay for his coaching fees in the coming season.

Hi Guys

I picked up Anthony yesterday after 2 days at his wakeboarding camp.

He had an awesome time with Kurt, the coaching went really well and he landed 4 new tricks.  Plus he has been given drill work to do on the water behind our boat. This will help him heaps when trying new tricks.

We are currently heading to Backpaddocks for the weekend to compete in the Cable V Wake.

All very excited about his progession and a huge thank you to you guys for the support.

Kurt has another couple of training camps coming up,  we are hoping Anthony will get one more of them.

Will give you another update and photos after the weekend.

Thanks heaps

Regards Justine

Hi there

Just wanting you give you a quick update on Anthony.

He has been busy training and having fun on the water over the summer.

Next week he is attending his first Wakeboard Camp with Kurt, who has just arrived from USA.  He will spend Wed and Thurs in Rotorua having 3 lessions each day.  Friday will be a break day and also travel to Waipukurau.  This will be the second competition of the season,  Cable V Wake.  First day they compete behind the boat at BackPaddocks Lakes and then Sunday they compete on the Cable.  It will be a big weekend but we are all looking forward to it.

Thanks so much again for the funding.

Will keep you posted

Regards Justine

Hi guys!

Just letting you know Anthony competed in his first NZ Competition of the season at Orakei Korako yesterday,  Urban Edge Open Competition .

He stepped up a division into Inverters Club and came 3rd, he was competing against much older people, (28ish) so did very well.  The weather was really bad so only ended up having 1 round.

Thanks again for your support

Regards Justine