June 19, 2015

Altrusa International of Wellington

Altrusa International of Wellington were awarded a funding grant of $800.00, to subsidise the cost of Hall Hire for the New Zealand Competition Aerobics (NZCAF) and Hip Hop Wellington Regional competitions, held in Lower Hutt in August 2014. Altrusa says the grant was a great boost, because it brought their costs down, so they were able to raise more money for Wellington Teen Parent Centre and the Ngaio Child Care Centre. Says Wellington President Katrina Clockie, “Receiving this Grant meant we were able to purchase NCEA English books for the Teen Parent Centre and contribute towards the costs of the extra Support Worker needed at the Crèche. It also meant that the NZCAF competition could be held in the amazing auditorium at Sacred Heart and that more teams could attend. Thanks so much FECF, we’re very grateful for your support.”